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Utah society of health-system Pharmacists

Presenter Tip Sheet

General presentation requirements:

  • General guideline for number of PowerPoint slides is 1 slide per minute (i.e., a 50-minute presentation should have about 50 slides)
  • Use the provided USHP slide deck for your PowerPoint presentation
  • Include a financial disclosure slide at the beginning of the presentation and state whether any off-label uses of medications will be described in the presentation
  • Please proofread your slides prior to submission
    • If you would like for the programming committee to proof your slides for you, please email 
  • Repeat questions asked by the audience (or read the question when presented via the chat box) prior to answering them
  • Submit all required materials (part 1 and 2) by deadlines:
 Part 1 Materials Part 2 Materials
  • Outline of active learning methods
  • Copy of final presentation
  • Instructional Materials (i.e. presentation handout)
Presentation Bias:
  • Presenters must sign the agreement, release & consent 
  • Please use generic drug names (brand names may follow generic name in parenthesis:
    • Example: dalbavancin (Dalvance™)
  • Utilize the provided USHP slide deck and ensure the following is included:
    • Disclosure slides for any conflicts of interest, or state there are no conflicts
    • Disclose off-label usage of drugs (including off-label administration routes and rates)
  • If a conflict of interest exists, USHP will work with the presenter to resolve the conflict prior to presentation


  • Utilize this worksheet for creation of learning objectives and active learning questions
    • Active learning method objectives must define what the pharmacists and technicians should be able to do at the completion of each CPE activity.
    • Please start with the phrase such as, “At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to successfully…” and then state the specific objectives using specific action verbs
  • Develop 3 to 5 objectives for pharmacists and 3 to 5 objectives for technicians.
    • Use ACPE-approved verbs to guide selection of verbs that reflect knowledge-based learning and application-based learning.
    • Please have at least 1 application-based objective for the technicians and 1 for pharmacists and 3 application based objectives overall.
    • In most circumstances, technician objectives should be different from pharmacist objectives (you must notify USHP if you do not think this requirement applies to the content of your presentation)
  • Use ACPE-approved verbs for objectives

    Active Learning Methods:

    To meet ACPE requirements, we require speakers to use an active learning method, such as audience polling using internal questions, small group discussion, or writing exercise.

    • If you choose audience polling using audience response questions, please include at least 2 knowledge-based and 2 application-based questions that vary in level of difficulty for the intended audience.
      • PollEverywhere will be utilized for audience polling questions.
      • Active learning activities must be matched to your objectives.  
    • Application-based CPE activity: These activities are primarily constructed to apply the information learned in the time frame allotted. The information must be based on evidence as accepted in the literature by the health care professions
      • Each CE presentation must include case studies.
      • If you choose a small group discussion, please plan to facilitate a discussion for the group as a whole to assess whether the objectives are met.
    • USHP requires presenters to provide immediate feedback to the audience by explaining both correct and incorrect responses to ensure audience comprehension. Audience feedback must occur during the allotted presentation hour.

    • For any active learning method used (e.g., multiple choice, TF, short answer), USHP requires that speakers provide immediate feedback by explaining both correct and incorrect responses to ensure audience comprehension. Audience feedback must be provided during the allotted presentation hour. To meet ACPE requirements, note that the speaker post-meeting evaluation will include a question to the audience inquiring whether or not you met this requirement.


    • Please use either American Medical Association (AMA) or National Library of Medicine (NLM) guidelines for formatting references
    • Presentation references may be reported in one of the following ways:
      • Include a summary reference slide at the end of the presentation (references should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the presentation)
      • Include numbered references at the bottom of each slide
    • Here is website that is a helpful refresher on citing resources in AMA format:

    Presentation Length:

    • One contact hour must include at least 60 minutes of participation (55 minutes of presentation with 5 minutes for questions)

      To receive credit:

      • Presenters will have free admission to the entire CE event; however, they must register for the event at to obtain continuing education (CE) credit and for meal planning.  Presenters will receive a code to bypass payment information.
      • Presenters must also complete speaker, presentations, and meeting evaluations to receive CE credit.

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