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Utah society of health-system Pharmacists

2022 Utah Legislative Session Pharmacy Bill Tracker

Brought to you by the USHP Advocacy Committee

Detailed Spreadsheet

 Number   Short Title  USHP Position Status   Bill Link
 HB0047  Extension for Controlled Substance Prescription Requirements  Support  Enrolled 2/3
 HB0060  Vaccine Passport Amendments  Neutral

 House not passed
 HB0063  Covid-19 Vaccine Exemptions  Neutral  Enrolled 3/5
 HB0074  End of Life Prescription Amendments  Neutral  House not passed
 HB0077  Contraception for Inmates  Neutral  Enrolled 3/2
 HB0080  Diabetes Prevention Program  Support  Enrolled 3/3
 HB0161  Overdose Harm Reduction Working Group  Neutral  House not passed
 HB0167  Mental Illness Psychotherapy Drug Task Force   Support  Enrolled 3/1
 HB0176  Utah Health Workforce Act   Support  Enrolled 3/4
 HB0223  Diabetes Supplies Amendments  Neutral  House not passed
 HB0301  Medication Dispenser Amendments   To be determined  Enrolled 3/4
 HB0308   Prescription Drug Amendments  Support  House not passed
 HB0385  Hemp and CBD Amendments   Neutral   Enrolled 3/4
 HB0442 Marijuana Definitions Amendments Neutral  Enrolled 3/4
 HB0451 Opioid Use Prevention and Treatment Amendments  Neutral House not passed
 SB0043  Occupational and Professional Licensing Modifications   Neutral  Enrolled 3/4
 SB0045  Department of Health and Human Services Amendments   Neutral  Enrolled 3/4                
 SB0046  Medical Cannabis Patient Protection Amendments   Neutral  Enrolled 2/15
 SB0139  Prescription Cost Amendments   Support  Senate not passed
 SB0153 Medical Cannabis Governance Study Neutral Enrolled 3/3
 SB0190 Medical Cannabis Act Amendments Neutral Enrolled 3/3
 SB0236 Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments Support Enrolled 3/3

 HB: House Bill

 SB: Senate Bill

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